Do I need an attorney to buy a house in NC?

Yes. In North Carolina, Real Estate Attorneys perform the real estate closing on your home. The real estate attorney in North Carolina is working for you to ensure that you are receiving the property free and clear of any encumbrances and that all the terms of the contract are met. Many buyers moving into the area are coming from states where Title Companies conduct the real estate closings. The process is quite different when a Real Estate Attorney does the closing.

Beware of Mortgage Wire Fraud!

Mortgage wire fraud is a scam in which a hacker poses as your real estate agent and convinces you to divert your closing costs to a fraudulent account. Mortgage wire fraud relies on a complicated hacking technique called phishing. In a phishing scam, a hacker uses fake emails, phone numbers, or websites to impersonate someone you trust.

Jonathan Richardson Law will NEVER EMAIL YOU TO WIRE MONEY! 


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