Estate Planning


There’s an old saying, ‘Live like there’s no tomorrow, plan like you’ll live forever.’ Estate planning is ground zero to ensure a fulfilling legacy.

At JR Law, we value your life’s work as much as you. We are committed to helping you define and protect the disbursement of your efforts to benefit the people and causes you love and care for.

Our personalized estate planning is an effective way for families to solve their financial issues and manage all of the challenges involving how to pass on assets and wealth to help ensure a lasting legacy.

Client Testimonials

Gordon Gross, Estate Planning Witness

Penny Hartery, Estate Planning Client

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No hourly billing. We charge a flat fee.


We use a custom based approach and really listen to your individual needs.


Estate package includes a Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and Health Care POA.


Most competitive rate on estate planning documents in Wake and surrounding counties.

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